If you decide to build a new nice driveway yourself, we would like to guide you to make a new driveway  you can be happy for many years.

It’s quick to build a nice new driveway that looks nice right away, but if you have not done the work properly, you will soon find trails and other unevenities in your driveway.

Which types of paving stones / tiles should I choose?

You can start by choosing which coating you want to use in your driveway. You can use both coating stone or concrete tiles. If you choose concrete tiles, be aware that the larger the area, the thicker the tiles must be that they do not break.

Black 30x60 garden tiles are used here for the construction of a new driveway



In order to reduce skiding we also recommend to make a rim protection around the driveway, which is cast into soil moisture concrete as a frame around the rest of the coating.

If you use the Herregårds stone for installation of the driveway, the use of edge blocks as edge protection will be an obvious solution. Alternatively, garden edge stones can be used for edge edges.

Construction work

It all starts by digging out to the driveway, and you have to dig some away so that you can build a good surface under the coating.



Normally, approx. 40 cm before starting the driveway, but it may be more if there are still sump, moles or other loose material 34 cm down. Have you got all the soil away by digging 40 cm (you have the vast majority of places), you must first build a carrier layer of approx. 30cm stabil grus, which gives the drive to the driveway, and the stable grate has the ability to assemble into a firm and strong layer that can withstand the pressure of cars and other heavy vehicles.
The bearing layer is compressed well with a plate vibrator so it becomes a solid layer.

If the support layer is squeezed unevenly by the plate vibrator, fill it more stablely with where it is collapsed more, or use a tear or similar to level the tops. Then the plate vibrator is used again, making it even the driveway is nice and flat.

On the support of stable gravel there must be another layer of 0-8 alignment gravel. This team should be about 3 cm thick and used to fix in such concrete tiles or the coating stone can plant.

The trimmer must also have a turn with the plate vibrator, and again in some places gaps or elevations may occur which will be smoothed and vibrated again.

Construction of stable gravel, alignment gravel and coating stone in the driveway completed with a curb and subsequent coating with concrete tiles.

You can drag the string over the sand to ensure that it is measured correctly to the slope of the driveway.

It is very popular to use old water pipes to pull the sand off afterwards. The water pipes are placed underneath the strings so that you can measure the correct distance from the cord down to the pipe.

We can not recommend using a hammer to squeeze the water pipes down into the sand, as the hammer will often bend the pipe and thus the finished result will not be as desired.

Use a pulling rack, a terraced or similar to pull the sand off. When the sand is pulled, gently lift the water pipes and fill the sand in the grooves.


Laying of tiles / coating stone

After the entire area has been cleaned, it is time to lay the selected concrete tiles or coating stone. During construction, room is made up of a joint and it is filled up continuously with fog sand.

Tiles or rocks are held against the previous tile and carefully laid down in the sand to prevent unevenness during the drive.

Once the entire driveway is laid a layer of foul sand is distributed and sweeping well in all directions. The moose sand sweeps away and the plate vibrator drives a ride over the driveway.

In order to provide a good game for the concrete’s concrete color, flower beds can be arranged along the driveway.

There are many similarities between how to build a terrace and how to build a driveway.