About us

We are a Copenhagen-based landscaping company with many years of experience in landscaping and paving.
We carry out large and  small types of construction work – to private customers, companies, housing associations and the public.
Our philosophy is to carry out our work with a heart, therefore our customers are always happy.

All you need is to explain what you want at the end and in what time frames. And if we get started with the work, do not worry that the work will be done on time and with special quality that we are particularly proud of. There will be no need to invite a cleaning company as we will ensure order and cleanliness, as well as all safety measures on site at work. 

We have a close cooperation with other specialists, including authorized sewermaster, electrician, murer and tømrermester. We cooperate with major landscapers and companies in other construction sectors, so you will never hear from us “we can not do this”…

On our website you will find more information about what we can do, as well as recommendations from our previous customers.